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Oh alright, please feel free to re-open your existing Ticket with out Support, and ask the current Agent to escalate your Ticket over to me. ( Ryan "GM Cobaltdragon" ) and I'll be happy to review it, ask some additional questions, and help you track down what Account has those character, and the current Email tied to that EME Account.
If you played through Steam sometime after June 11th 2015, then there is a very high likelihood that your Game Account is actually still tied to the European Servers, as explained in the News Post we had made here : ( http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/important-news-for-europe-and-russia )

You may want to try contacting Gameforge's Support here : ( http://support.tera-europe.com/ ) and provide them with any additional details you can remember, such as a Character's Name / Server Name, or any Invoice / Transaction ID's from a purchase.
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