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We've sent out bank tabs to all affected players, the last batch going out this morning. You should find them in your item claim. If you haven't received them, make sure you log out, close your launcher, and then log back in. Sorry for the delay, but we've been working with the customer support and operations team on this issue all week.

Should we close tickets if we have them open regarding the lost bank tabs?

Keep them open until the issue is taken care of. If it gets resolved and the ticket is still open, the Customer Support rep will let you know, so no harm done.
I have an update on this. I'll start with root cause, and move on to what we're doing about it.

TL;DR -> It's fixed, no new bad items will be showing up, and we're working on identifying affected players so we can get you your bank slots.

What happened?
The BuddyUp Rewards system in TERA is, for those of you who have used it, a series of boxes that each have various things in them at the various levels your buddy gets to. During one of the recent updates, probably the Valkyrie Update, the contents of those boxes were accidentally changed from what we use in NA to a different set of rewards. Among those rewards was a set of bank expansion items. Those items were never tested in NA, and (clearly) have some problems with how we have TERA configured in our region. This took longer than expected to track down because initial reports had us investigating whether or not the Honorbound release had broken bank expansions generally, rather than a bad item ID being introduced into the game.

When will it be fixed?
The BuddyUp rewards have been fixed, and there will be no more of those bad bank items entering the game. As we didn't fully get to the bottom of this until it was too close to yesterday's downtime to address it, the bad items are still in game at this time, and they will be removed/deleted during next week's maintenance.

When will I get my bank slots back?
We are working on this. I have gone through our logfiles looking for clear triggers for when these items are used, but part of their problem appears to be that they don't trigger a consistent "Inventory expanded" message in the logs when it's used. I've contacted BHS to have them do a deeper investigation of the logging for this item so that we can build a list of all affected players. Once we have that list, we will be able to see about handling compensation. This will be a little slower than normal to resolve, because this week is a series of holidays in Korea, and many of the BHS Team are out, but we are working on it.

What can I do for now? I want to buy a bank slot on the Trade Broker!
You still can, but only buy bank slots that are named bank expansion, and not the ones with the [account] tag in front. Those are the bad ones. We'll be posting an in-game announcement about the nefarious items in question as well, so that everyone can be informed about this.

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