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54YMFRPJ4G wrote: »
I will get right down into this I believe the lootboxes should have a the system to where if you open like 200 of the same box you should be guaranteed that item, Personally I don’t think you should spend like $100-200 and not get the item you were looking for there should be a cap (not a small one) that guarantees the item you were trying to get I think personally both sides will benefit people won’t be too disheartened to not continue to keep buying since they know it will be guaranteed, and EME can make the number like 200 or 100 or 300 so this way they are still getting money and the game is supported I think they will make more money this way since a lot of people have stopped buying them because of the ridiculousness of spending a lot of money and not getting what they were looking for, this way more people will buy them since they know it will be guaranteed in X amount of boxes, what is you opinion on this, is it a smart or not so smart idea?

What you're talking about has been experimented at various times with varying degrees of success. It's not a model that Bluehole currently employs across the board, but we are always considering ways to improve products and the player experience.
Shiny95 wrote: »
I believe if u open more then 200 and get nothing send a ticket to the support and you get it

This is an incorrect belief.
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