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Rida wrote: »
There's always next year for Spacys revenge >:3

Can't. Wait.

Anniey wrote: »
Can we get a number when all the donations are accounted for and the bundles are finished to know what we made? I love this event so much. I wish it happened more often. I'd love like a 12 hr stream 4 times a year for different charities. It really brings us all together for a good cause and away form the toxicity that gaming can be. It shows how much love we have.for others. Gg

I announced in my thank-you thread, but it'll take probably another day or so to get everything worked out (might be sooner than that, but at worst a couple days for people to wake back up and get everything figured out) but we SMASHED our initial target and from the raw stuff I'm able to see you guys should be very, very proud of yourselves for how much you raised for Seattle Children's Hospital.

I. Am. Floored.

In any case, the issue with the servers was largely fixed within the hour anyway, and none of the people streaming should be let anywhere near the servers in the first place.


I can barely operate the microwave.
DouxBebe wrote: »
@Spacecats.. I've joined as a streamer. Where should we place/leave our stream links?

Go ahead and post here! And on your Extra Life profile, of course. You should also edit your Channel to display as much info as possible about what you're doing. Feel free to use these images: http://imgur.com/a/6j32r
DehReal wrote: »
ive joined as a streamer, wich link should i post on my stream?

Deh ~

Link to your own Extra Life profile, and to the EME Dream Stream Team if you'd like to encourage more people to join and help towards the $5,000 goal.
LancerJiva wrote: »
Last year and the year before it was announced weeks before extra life took place. This year it was announced just a few days before its set to take place, and yet we are still unaware of the rewards or thresholds and extra life is 2 days away.

You guys are slacking pretty hard :|
But that doesn't surprise me anyway.

@LancerJiva - It's been in planning for a little while now without an announcement going out, but this is mostly a consequence of Extra Life falling at an odd time in this year's schedule, being directly after both Mangragora/Halloween and Spellbound. In any case, I think we're still ready to have a great weekend :)
@Spacecats So if we stream to our twitch at any day its fine?

The best time to stream is during Extra Life weekend. That's when everybody involved with Extra Life is going to give their best effort, so you'll be in good company.

Joined the team! I can't stream on November 5th though, so I'm doing it on November 1st! Top donator so far whoa. :D

Oh cool! Can you link to your stream? What time will you start?
Ysa wrote: »
Is TERA donating to any particular hospital, or can we choose our own when joining the team?

You choose when you create your profile, and the donations you get will go towards that hospital. I believe the proceeds directly given to the Dream Steam Team are headed to Seattle Children's Hospital as En Masse is local to Seattle and it's one we're familiar with.
There's also no expectation that you'll get people to donate money. If you just want to be a part of the team to help spread the word and join in the fun, that's totally cool.
What are some of the possible rewards? And are they exclusive to people that donate?

I'll be updating the page again in the next couple days, but there will be both. We'll have big items people can donate for, prizes for getting highest donations, and then rewards for all TERA players (like Double Drop weekends) based off the donation milestones our team achieves.
LordZaihum wrote: »
Nice initiative, can anyone join ? Are there requirements ?

Anyone can join! There aren't any requirements, except you'll need to create an Extra Life profile.

There's also no expectation that you'll get people to donate money. If you just want to be a part of the team to help spread the word and join in the fun, that's totally cool.

Sign up for the 2016 En Masse Extra Life team! This year we shall be called THE EME DREAM STREAM TEAM!

For those of you who haven't heard of Extra Life, it's a gaming event that happens one a year to raise money for children's hospitals. Gamers from around the world are invited to make an Extra Life profile and raise money. You can also join a team in order to collaborate and contribute towards bigger goals... like ours ;D

Whether you want to stream along with us, or hang out in our Twitch chat while we goof around for 25 hours straight, you're welcome to join our team and pledge to do ridiculous things for donations just like we are! Obviously the more people on our Dream Team, the better. Joining and sharing our team page to your friends and family will raise awareness of the event, and anyone who donates to your individual Extra Life profile will also be contributing to our team donation goal!

We're planning all kinds of activities and rewards for our donors, so look for updates in the next week while we ramp up.
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