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ElinLove wrote: »
So, the asian gets offended by something on the NA server... Guess... you could play the asian versions just for a change of pace.

"The Asian...?" ...what do you mean by that?

Also, that is a terrible f*cking attitude to have. There are Asians, south-east Asians, Asian-Americans, and Asian-Canadians that play this game... tons of them. Many in my guild (even some Brazilian-Asians!)

Just because you don't celebrate something doesn't mean it's not important to someone else, or that they can't have an opinion about it because you don't. Terrible attitude you have.


The event is still not working.

We are aware and working on it - I have posted an announcement post that we will update as we gain more information - currently it is working on internal test environments but not on live so we're trying to track down whatever technical glitch is blocking it.
We are looking into reports that the event isn't working.
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