No offense, but I'm closing this thread because discussing forum moderation is actually against the rules (it's not TERA related and always leads to drama). I'll go ahead and take the opportunity to explain the system a little bit, though.

The jail bars and the red "banned, carry on" avatars are just part of Vanilla forums and how it handles user warnings. They're a default cosmetic side effect when players receive enough warning points (the forum uses a decaying point system) to reach some kind of punishment status. The red "Banned" message is actually used for suspensions as well as perma-bans, and can also result from too many warning points (like if someone has jail bars and continues to get moderator warnings.)

The bars basically mean that person can only reply so often, and can't create new discussions until their warning points decay. Moderators can also perma-ban if a person is unrelenting in their bad behavior or does/says something so nasty that it's clear they shouldn't be in the forums at all.