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Looks like there was an unintentional change to the spacebar animation during the new Patch.

We received a few reports via Tickets, and after testing it, we are able to confirm the previous animation is no longer on any of the versions of the Bunny Mounts.

A Bug Report has now been filed for further review by Bluehole.
LancerJiva wrote: »
They're in the dressing room atm, does that mean we'll get them this thursday? @Halrath

Maaaaybe... ;)
They'll go on sale next week.
berrymilk wrote: »

thank you @Halrath XD i just seen the love letter post of the wedding outfits :> me and my so will be entering is fanart welcomed along with the letter?

It's not really necessary, but we won't burn your submission if you include it. It won't affect the contest either way.
nope, im get is only Tera Eu exclusive

maybe you must be moved to tera eu, but im dont want see u returned to na with empy wallet huehue

It's not an EU exclusive. We will have it in a future release. No further details at this time, though. Sorry.
You can see the wedding outfits here.
If needed, I'll go ahead and provide the Link that another player had posted in a different Thread (It's a link to TERA Europe's News Post): https://en.tera.gameforge.com/news/detail/terademys-flying-mounts-in-game
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