I'll address a few of these things - and thanks for the feedback!

First, we shifted a few things to the forums and other methods of notification; we know that most players do NOT get their event information from the website (based off the traffic we get to the site, who is coming, how long they are staying, what they are looking at). I have asked the team to make sure we keep posting NEW types of events or promotions, or seasonal things on the website with news posts as well as all the other social methods (like forums, twitter, facebook, discord, Steam community hub, in game calendar, etc...). This includes product releases and sales as well as announcements about content updates or big news. I've basically relegated BIG NEWS to news posts.

Recurring events like dungeon highlights, battleground jackpots, vanguard bonuses, guardian legion bonuses, and the like will be shared via all the other channels we have, but will stay off the main page of the TERA site. Because the site is shared (and even though we have a filtering system), it will reduce confusion about these events that have now become pretty regular as to what platform they are happening on. Plus it becomes white noise at some point - just flooding news posts means people begin to ignore them and then more important info flies right by them. So keep looking for these types of events on the forums, twitter, facebook, discord, in game event calendar, Steam community hub, and all those kinds of places. It's not to say these events aren't imporant, they are just recurring, and platform specific. If we find that players really have no idea what's happening, we can re-evaluate this. For what it's worth, the launcher is still our number one communication method with PC players, and we are working on ideas on how to make information on there more useful and relevant for things exactly like this!

As for patch notes, the web team needed to prioritize what needed to be ported over from the old site to the new and the product team deprioritized the old patch notes from the site and decided that this was an opportunity to move them to a place that didn't require web team interaction at all. Remember even things like creating the patch notes page and getting it posted at a certain time requires resource coordination that we felt was better spent working on other things on the site (perhaps like making the launcher information more relevant like I listed above). Instead of getting writers to write them, then send them to QA for verification, then to the web team to stage, then to coordinate posting them along with links in the forums and all that, it made more sense to put them on the forum, where the discussion inevitably lead anyway. So all patch notes going forward are posted in the PC patch notes sub-forum!

As for the Godsfall update, this particular patch we will be posting the patch notes and promo page next week, so stay tuned!

Hope this clears some of this up; the TL:DR of it is that BIG NEWS will be news posts, and recurring/smaller news will be posted everywhere but the news posts.