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TomRipley wrote: »
As for Steam notifications, there are hardly any. There's been exactly two news on Steam this year, both on march 22nd.
That has been something brought up recently, so we'll begin making more information available on Steam.
KXRC9JMW74 wrote: »
I don't and won't use discord. I f that's all your gonna use then close the forums
srsly i have to sign up and have this useless for me discord just to get news?
You don't have to use Discord.
It's just one of the areas that we post information to.
I was just providing a heads up, that it is where I personally am the most active.
You can definitely keep using our Forums, and as mentioned, I am pretty good about replying to pings, or to a Forum Private Message.
they want me to get on discord? Which is not an EME product?
And they never respond when we @CobaltDragon (ok Cobalt does sometimes, thank you Cobalt.)
I try to get information posted in as many areas as possible, whether that be here in Forums, on our Socials, on Steam, or within Discord.

In this case, I posted it to Discord first, since that is where I was already talking with players, and by the time I was going to include the information on our Forums, I noticed Starsprite already had me covered with the quote.

I had stated it a while ago, but I am definitely more active in all of our EME Discord channels, but certainly do want to make the conscious effort to put any important information in all the visible locations our players check, as well as be able to respond to questions when pinged.
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