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FYI this discussion was closed because we've looked into the support issue but giving out details would violate user privacy. I can verify that the suspension didn't have anything to do with the Nightfury riding skill on the broker.
Margarethe wrote: »
Chido wrote: »
Yes, I agree with spacecats. Unrelated ban. Tell your bf to stop using cheats.

You're annoying.
He doesn't cheat.
Otherwise I wouldn't bother making this in the first place.

Looks like we need a little more to look up the ticket. @Margarethe can you DM me the ticket number or his EME account e-mail address?

Also please don't just call people cheaters. There's zero info in the message Margarethe posted to indicate the cause of suspension. Be nice.
Looking into this with the CS crew. It doesn't make sense for anyone to be suspended relating to a mistaken broker charge. My guess is that the suspension is totally unrelated.
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