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In previous patches you were still able to get 4 out of 5 in your party from the LFG or your guild, (or 6 out of 7,) and then instance match. If they kept that it shouldn't be a huge problem.

I dislike "IMS only" for the reason that if someone leaves, DC's, or becomes an insufferable [filtered] that you have to kick, you can't just go recruit. You must wait for IMS and risk getting another afker or [filtered]..

Hopefully it is fixed with a week, like in past patches.

I believe this was the way it was configured when it was delivered by Bluehole Inc.

I can bring it up, and see if it might be possible to add the ability to enter via Teleportal as well, though please keep in mind that if we are able to, it might not be an immediate change.
While we're on the subject...
The achievement. What is the number 6 and 8 for?
Is it seconds, minutes, hours? 6 wrist slaps on Lakan??

There are 6 achievements for Normal Mode. There are 8 achievements for Hard Mode, including one that grants a title. Hope that helps.
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