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Yordan wrote: ยป
Gotta love 3 min response time to "can't buy emp" now if it only was as fast when it comes to all other issues players are raising around here.
Just coincidental.
I had been going through and reading all the most recent Forum Threads, and just happen to see this one get created.
I mentioned an easy step to try, but also referenced a need to contact our Support if the issue continued.

I am aware of the issues being brought up within the other Forum Threads, and I am very active in passing that feedback to each individual Team, whether that be our Community Team, Production Team, Web Team, or on to Bluehole.
You may want to try doing a Repair in your TERA Launcher through the Tools Menu, if you have not already tried that.
If still no luck, you can open a Support Ticket for additional investigation.
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