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the backend people must have done some things?

No. I wish I could say our Ops crew put on their tactical harnesses, repelled down the side of the data center, and cracked open the Gibson to reroute server data (that's how it works right?)...

... but no changes were made on our end. It could be that your ISP or some link in the chain between your ISP and our server had some extra heavy traffic which went away, or was rerouted. Glad to know the extra latency was temporary.
If you're not experiencing spikes, but just an overall increase in latency, could you create a diag report and e-mail it to diag@enmasse.com please? It will give our Operations crew some information about where your ping is increasing en route to our servers.

To create the diag report, click the "Tools" option at the bottom of your TERA launcher and then "Click Here to Test Compuer". The text file will be created on your desktop afterward.
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