Hey everyone,

I want to talk a little bit about the most recent patch notes. I've noted on the forums that there's been a fair bit of roasting going on about the EME Harrowhold patch notes vs the Gameforge patch notes. If you aren't aware of the difference, the TL;DR is that our notes were "Harrowhold was made more difficult", and the Gameforge notes were very specific about what was changing in each phase, and by how much.

I want to talk a little about my thought process around that, because I had all of that information to hand, and I consciously chose to not include that level of specificity in the notes. Different game companies (and different games) handle patch notes differently. Some games come out indicating that a particular world boss or raid dungeon has been changed, but without saying exactly how. From my perspective, that's a key part of playing a game and putting raids on farm. So in my view of patch notes, giving away all the specific info on what was tuned is removing the exploration and understanding aspect of raiding. I know in the past the patch notes might have been extremely detailed, but my preference is to allow some mystery and discovery to happen for our players.

So that's the thought process that went into that particular note. I know that at least some guilds and premades have continued downing Harrowhold, and even that some have gone from a 6 hour clear to a 1.5 hour clear of the raid since the patch. I like to believe that re-learning curve is part of the challenge and fun of playing games like TERA. Hopefully this gives a little insight into what's going on behind the scenes, and why our patch notes have the tone and style they do.