Vulcarion wrote: »
Is it just me, or are the rewards for this current Guardian Legion event kinda, lower, than what we expected? I remember, looking at the event calendar in weeks past, and talking with some friends about how we were gonna spam this guardian legion stuff for this week together. Now that they've seen the extra rewards, the most common response I get is "why bother?".

I think maybe a x1.5 or x2 bonus to the actual guardian legion credits themselves would've been neat. But beyond that, I find that the content is actually very rewarding in itself (honestly, I feel like increasing the gem box drop amount whatsoever would be overkill). However, the biggest complaint I hear about it is the immense amount of time it can take if you're not geared to the teeth and overly proficient at whatever class you're using. So maybe, increasing the actual points acquisition instead of the actual drops would make for a more attractive event?

Honestly, I can't speak for other servers, but I did the content on my home server of Fey Forest on and off throughout the day today and it seemed to me like there was about the same if not less people doing it than what I'd seen in the past few weeks at similar times. I understand that this is a week long event, and so it wouldn't make sense for it to have excessive "once in a year chance" kind of rewards, but it just doesn't feel like theres much of an event going on at all atm.

Thanks for the feedback on it - we will be running those kinds of events in the future as well - this is one of those "some folks will get a lot of use out of it, some won't" kind of events, so we're trying as many different things as we can (that don't break the servers, that is) to see what works and what doesn't.

I have a feeling you'll see those double-type events in the near future, but just wanted to say thanks for the feedback.