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E7KJMJA766 wrote: »
instead it is better that an entire server can not play it? do you really think that 1 or 2 tanks or 2 healers make the difference? Rly? Now all server hate enmasse because lost all night
I think there may still be some confusion on your part... I explained above, that this is a Developer (Bluehole) implemented design.
EME is the Publisher of TERA, and we don't have direct control of how something is designed, though we can push forward suggestions for future updates.

In this Forum Thread, you continue to place blame on En Masse Entertainment for something you dislike by saying, "Now all server hate enmasse because lost all night"...
E7KJMJA766 wrote: »
Remove class limit..
do not you think it's a good idea or can nobody play because of you?
It's not something that I personally would have direct control over, it is more a design introduced by Bluehole, to avoid matches that could end up being extremely one sided due to how many of one type of Class being grouped together.
As long as there is enough players ( Queued Solo for Gridiron ) to fill all of the roles ( Tanks, Healers, DPS ), it should allow the queued players to form a Gridiron raid and teleport all of the players into the match.
Is your group queued into Gridiron together or Solo ?
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