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14 pages of vitriol is enough for me. Closing this thread down. Spacecats has spoken. Let's move on.
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Gameforge looks so much better than Enmasse now. Lol. Pathetic~~~ I HOPE THE UPCOMING 5TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT WILL BE GOOOOOOOOD~~~

NA Community finds glitch -> NA community actively abuses glitch, creates/uses third party programs to do so -> EME doesn't give glitched dungeon additional rewards -> NA community blames EME...

Seriously guys, if you want to be mad at someone, direct your rage at the people actively creating new ways to cheat in the game, and those shameless enough to use and/or spread them.

The glitch & injecting has been around for ages with no stance or acknowledgement by anyone from EME, even majority of the mods in the unofficial tera online discord that has EME staff in it are publicly pro-injector even with sending DL links. With the lack of effort and care being shown by EME you can't really question why people are STILL going out of their way to exploit when the staff themselves have shown no intention of upholding the games integrity.

I think the key word there is "unofficial." Actually there are a lot of key words here so let me clear things up for anyone unsure about our forever and undying stance on this topic...

Hacking, 3rd party programs, and the exploitation of bugs are against the TERA Terms of Service and are bannable offenses. By using/doing these, you risk losing access to your game account. It doesn't matter if you think EME might be silently watching and giving their unspoken approval, and it doesn't matter if you're a moderator of a Discord channel, a guild leader, a founder, etc... There is never a reason to violate the Terms of Service you agreed to when you created your account, and if you do violate that agreement you should expect there to be consequences.

Discussing these 3rd party programs and exploits is also against the forum rules, so I'd like to get the thread back on the topic of this weekend's activities and the Glaiveathon rewards. I've removed some content from this thread that describes, references, or quotes comments that describe how to exploit, where to get hacks, or encourage the activity of exploiting.
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What is even the point? You all knew this event was coming up for presumably at least two weeks; why not fix RMHM before the event...........!?!!?!??!!?!

All I can say is that it takes development time to identify and fix things like this.

then why wasnt it patched today with the cash shop?

There was no patch today. Shop changes can be made without restarting TERA servers. A an exploit fix like this is a more major change.
Angeline wrote: »
What is even the point? You all knew this event was coming up for presumably at least two weeks; why not fix RMHM before the event...........!?!!?!??!!?!

All I can say is that it takes development time to identify and fix things like this.
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@Spacecats , @Noesis @Halrath

Can you guys clarify if there will be or will not be triple drop in RMHM?

There will not be any events in RM or RMHM.
No joke. Spacecats and I talked about it, and I put the big "NO" on Ruinous Manor for the awards weekend. We have known for a while now that there is a method by which players can exploit Ruinous Manor and not use reset scrolls. We have a patch for this coming next week, but I made the call that we are not going to take a dungeon currently suffering from an exploit and then adding additional rewards to it.

If we did that, the rewards would have to be so terrible as to simply be not worth it unless you were one of the people doing the exploiting. And if we made the drops good enough to be worth it for the honest players, the exploiters would benefit massively, and that's not ok.

With Tuesday's maintenance we will have the dungeon fixed so that the known exploits will be addressed and loopholes closed, and Ruinous Manor will be included in future dungeon weekend events.
The news post giving details about these events is now up. You can read it here:
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I want to thank you for adding cosmetics and rare items to the jackpot. My guild-mates and I are excited to see what we will earn, and I hope that I can earn enough items to make new players feel a little more welcome when playing TERA. You've really shown support for those players who don't solely focus on PVE. I appreciate it, friend.

I guess you like hording butterfly wings, because on the stream thats what he said he would put in as jackpot.

Among other things, but cosmetic items will be more rare than other jackpot items. Butterfly Wings were the first things to go on my list but I've added more to it since the stream.

This weekend we have multiple events happening at once, thanks to the glorious 2,200+ viewers we had during the Glaiveathon Twitch stream April 7 & 8. Here's a list of things you can expect between 4/21 and 4/24. Consider this forum post a heads up, as we do have an official news post going up tomorrow that explains a little more:
  • Triple XP in over world and dungeons.
  • Triple Dungeon Drops
  • Dungeon Jackpots with the potential to get bonus feedstock, alkahest, titan's embers, diamonds, and even some cosmetic items.
  • Enchanting bonus success rate up to +12.
  • Enchanting material cost reduction for both awakening and awakened enchanting.

We're configuring everything as I type this and we're super excited for the big weekend. Congratulations again to everyone who participated in the stream and helped unlock all these rewards. You've done your fellow TERA players proud!
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