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Lingyi wrote: »
@CobaltDragon do you know when the conversion rates, and thus the answer to my question, might be released, in respect to the revamp?
Regretfully no.
I don't know when that information will be made public.
There may be a chance, that conversion rates will not announced beforehand, and only made public on the actual day of the update. (Included within Patch Notes)
Lingyi wrote: »
@Exipheus @CobaltDragon
Will the special alkahest (personal, extensive, premium) be usable to enchant the older gears, like ambush and deathwrack, after the revamp? in fact, will all alkahest still work?
I read from old forums that the special ones stop working. In order to better prepare and get a head start post-revamp, I really need to know the answer to this so that I won't be wasting gold on things that become useless.
Thank you!
I want to provide you with an accurate answer, but until all of the conversions rates are released publicly, I cannot answer this question.
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