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I'm unpinning this thread. Feel free to give feedback here for as long as the discussion stays alive. For the most part I don't see a strong reason not to keep the changes.
One tiny question. Why didn't you ask for feedback before you made these changes? If you truly want the Tera community involved think about asking before you act.

Because none of it is set in stone, and I already knew what I wanted to try based off forum metrics and player behavior. I wanted players to experience it for a little while before giving feedback.
I just renamed TERA Community to TERA Community Creations which maybe gives a better feeling for that category? That's exactly where you'll want to post artwork and anything else that's fun and community-oriented.
tisnotme wrote: »
so threads like the BuddyUp Codes Thread! will get transferred to the new part of the forum and say seeing its relevance to new players also pinned so as not to be lost in latter pages ?
or does it need to be re created or is it to be retiered

Player Guides & Help should be a pretty good place for threads like that. A little cleanup will be needed to move existing threads but if you see one that isn't transferred people should feel free to recreate it.
Hi all,

You may have noticed a few changes that were just applied to the layout of the TERA forums. If you DID NOT notice, that probably speaks to why these changes were made. There are always pros and cons to changing forum categories like this, and while I want to open up the discussion for feedback I also want to urge everyone to give the new categories a try before passing judgment.

First let me give you the new layout, then I'll explain some of the thought that went into the changes.

Official TERA
  • - News & Announcements - Major announcements. This will likely include things for both PC and console versions, though as you've noticed many smaller announcements are best presented as forum alerts at the top of the page.
  • - Forum Rules & Guidelines - How to respect others in the forums. Nothing is changing here.

  • - General Discussion - All game discussion for TERA PC. Includes PvE and PvP discussion.
  • - Player Guides & Help - For welcoming and helping fellow players, new and experienced. PvE and PvP.
  • - TERA Community - Share stories, fan art, lore, YouTube/Twitch channels, and player-organized events. This combines a couple very similar forum categories.
  • - Bug Report - A closed subforum containing instructions on how to create excellent bug reporting support tickets. Support tickets are the best way to submit bugs in the foreseeable future.

The intention here is to keep things relatively focused, encouraging more conversation in a few central places. It will take some getting used to, but the hope is that these condensed category selections will make player feedback and ideas more visible to EME, and EME staff responses more visible to players.

The following categories are being retired, and here's a little explanation for each one. Before getting into each explanation there's a fairly important statistic I want to share about them without getting too deep into the weeds on forum user count, comment stats, web page analytics, or any of that. Each of these retired categories has generated less than 1% of the total discussion within the forums in the last three months. That means for every five pages of General Discussion threads created, one or fewer new threads were created in each of these categories.

  • PvE Discussion - Rolling into General Discussion. It's hard to think of many reasons a PvE question couldn't appear as a general game question.
  • PvP Discussion - PvP is important enough to discuss on a larger stage, so rolling this into General Discussion. This category had very few posts, often by the same small group of folks, and a lot of the discussion echoed feedback we we also see in General Discussion.
  • New & Returning Player Help - No big reason to separate new player help from other player guides. This is being rolled into the new Player Guides & Help forum (previously the Player Guides section).
  • Roleplay & Lore - Such a fun and creative part of the game, those of you who know me know I'm always interested in this stuff. Rather than retiring the discussion we're just rolling them into the TERA community section where all manner of creative and fun topics can be explored whether they're flagged as "official lore" or not.
  • Guild Recruitment - We want to experiment with using Discord for this. There's already a LFG channel (Looking for Group AND Looking for Guild). Rather than bumping the same old elaborate guild recruitment threads, please join that channel and tell people about your guild needs.
  • Trading Post - We're creating a new Discord channel for this. Threads in this category are notorious for going unchecked and updated. Chat makes better sense for active trades.
  • Game Suggestions - This will be rolled into General Discussion where we already see many feedback and suggestion threads. The goal, again, is getting more people in on new suggestion ideas, weighing in on the discussion, while increasing visibility for En Masse staff.
  • Off-Topic - This category has even fewer posts than the others, and many of them are (weirdly enough) completely on topic to TERA.
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