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Merged forum feedback thread "I hate to be that guy..." since it was over the same topic as existing thread.
Mobius1 wrote: »
My main problem is that quoting is broken for me.

I'm wondering if it has to do with the mobile version, since I use forums on my Android, and not a PC.

We were missing a plugin to make quoting work properly with BBCode. I worked with Vanilla to track down the correct plugin and get it installed and turned on. Quoting should work much better now.
We just posted a small update with more sedate colors and better contrast in the comment box. We are still working on getting the scrolling fixed in the comments and the fullscreen view worked out. We will continue to make small adjustments over the next few days to the forums as people find problems.
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. There are obviously some minor tweaks that will need to be made, but overall we're glad you guys are enjoying the new forums. Please feel free to stretch your legs try new things/features. If something needs fixing, we'll fix it.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are still tweaking some settings in the new forums so please be patient with us if it takes a while to make these changes.
PlagueFWC wrote: »
Aaaaand for some reason i can't edit my first post anymore without getting the "wait for approval" message.

At least it doesn't delete it this time

The "wait for approval" message is actually a feature you might appreciate. It for some reason caught your image post as potential spam/abuse/whatever. Obviously you're not a spammer, and I was easily able to approve you so that your previous posts will be displayed, and now you shouldn't get that message again.

Minor annoyance, but in the long run the feature will help keep spam out.
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