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We're starting a little later than expected - 3:30 pm PST start time. Sorry for the delay :)
How many fed bills are each lootbox going to be?

We're still calculating the appropriate amount. I hope to have an answer by the stream Friday (12/8) when we announce the poll results. This poll will be closed just before that show at 3 p.m. PST.
To close out the Federation Bill store, Tikat is offering a special selection of loot boxes to spend your remaining balance. This is a "thank you" to all those loyal customers who saved up every Federation Bill they could. But which loot boxes should be added?

Vote in this poll to make your voice heard, and the top three will be added to the final days of the Fed. Bill store. The final results of the poll will be announced during the 12/8 TERA Twitch stream!
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