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@Spacecats are you sure towns are excluded? I mean, we have proof on page one that they can spawn in town.

Also, I agree that if there's only a finite number of them, it's bad design. No wonder people aren't finding them.

Highwatch is the exception, actually. It's the only city where blue boxes have a chance to spawn, but it's pretty freakin rare so it's funny to see that someone got a screenshot of it right away :p

A finite number would mean that once they're destroyed, no more would spawn. There's an infinite amount of blue boxes since the moment one's destroyed another is created.
LesbianVi wrote: »
OK, Now I figured something out which might be the case why some players are not seeing Boxes as often. I looked around and understood some places have like little to zero spawn rate there. So players are getting there and find nothing, then goes to another area which got more spawn but got more players there farming.

@Spacecats can you investigate this? This might be the case, not sure. I am around 1K tokens but I see why some players still have difficulties. I might be wrong but I can give examples like Bastion (Balder, nothing much there), Scythera fey (seeliewood, almost nothing there). You could look into it and make players even happier, thanks.

When a box is destroyed by a player, another will randomly spawn somewhere in an open world area. In any channel. Towns are excluded.

So it makes sense that channels and areas where less people are hunting will naturally end up containing more blue boxes after a while. If most people just stick to channel 1, they'll probably have a lower chance of finding one.
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