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NikoJimz wrote: »

Can I get the answer to this riddle now? I've been thinking about it for 3 years and am still stumped.

I guess I'll ask this now as well, did you get your name from that NPC, or did you guys just screw around with those NPC's since no one was supposed to actually meet them?

I think one of the writers put this in afterwards since no one is *supposed* to be there anyway.

It's never like a shark. I still don't know why this name exists, it just happened one day and thus it happened. I think i'll retire it here.
I hate to see you leave the game. I hope it didn't have anything to do with the past few patches. will you continue to play tera? and if so, what server and ign?

no, it is not related, but i can see why it might look like it.
Hazezoid wrote: »
Farewell posts are against the forum rules.

I will be banned shortly.
triggered wrote: »
does that mean counterpoint is going to disappear aswell?

I lol'd.
It's been really awesome working with you, Treeshark. You do so much behind the scenes for the TERA community. We'll do our very best to continue the love and hard work you've put into this game.

Good luck on your next adventure, and don't skip any meals.
Dear TERA Community,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must let you all know that I will be leaving En Masse on October 28th. In my stead, Matt “Denommenator” Denomme will take over primary TERA duties, with Spacecats and his team helping out a lot more. You may even see a few more familiar faces step up their involvement in the coming weeks as well. I promise that you all will be in great hands, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on everything as well.

I got the opportunity to start at En Masse back in 2010, when we were still doing focus beta tests and the entire team fit (albeit cramped) in a very, very tiny room. We were still in launch mode at the time, and I still remember getting to showcase TERA at E3 and PAX and meeting all the players excited at the new action MMO they were getting to play. Since then I’ve seen this game through its transition to free, and the launch of multiple content updates since then.

You all know all this, because you all have walked along side me all throughout the way. While most of our interactions have purely been either on the forum, or in the game, I’ve also been fortunate to meet some of you and it has all been very special to me. Getting to produce TERA for you guys and gals for the past few years has been a unique experience and one that I will take with me forever.

Lastly, thank you for all the times we’ve shared. I have a lot of memories made here at En Masse, with you all and with TERA that will remain with me forever.

Best Wishes,
Patrick “Treeshark” Sun
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