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Hyper-Fire-Turbo-Time is definitely unlocked, along with overworld BAMs to test your heightened skills against. Nov 17-20 looks like it's going to be an awesome weekend for TERA players.
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Any info on when people that got items from the auction will receive said items? \o/


Actually it might take us a little longer than Friday since there are quite a few rewards to send out. We're aiming to get all donation rewards granted before the big Nov 17-20 weekend.
I'm feeling a bit better, thanks for the well-wishes you guys. The bundles and donations stopped yesterday (Nov 8) at Noon PST, but we're still waiting on the final number. All signs point to an awesome amount of money collected for sick kids, and we're pretty sure we beat last year's amount <3 <3 <3

We're planning to talk more about it during the Friday TERA stream, along with the possible reappearance of some of the EME folks that helped out with the weekend event. If not sooner, you can expect to get the final results and milestone rewards stated at that time.
Spacecats is out ill today (he caught a computer virus). I suspect that information will be posted tomorrow.
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