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I've removed some content from this thread. Please avoid bickering and hating on others because of loot they did/didn't get, and please don't flaunt loot you got that others didn't. It only creates arguments.
LL73TTKKA9 wrote: »
Cutechan wrote: »
ye I wont even try the event. Its pointless.

how is it pointless, look what I got...

lmao it's not pointless, best event ever.

That's a lot of underwear.
Seniro wrote: »
I am one of those people who missed out on the crazy loot stuff. Honestly, I couldn't care less about the innerwear I just wanted my [filtered] scarf. I waited a whole year to get it and I even rushed home from work only to find out that EME nerfed them and now is almost impossible to get one. I don't know if they removed it from the loot table or just made it so is no longer shared because we've been at it for almost 4 hours now and we haven't gotten any but yeah, I am pretty annoyed at EME right now.

It's the same it was at the start. It's a rare item, for sure. Good luck in your hunt!
30 or so 16crit inner

I think by next Friday, people will be saying it was 200 crit inners in an hour. The number just keeps going up!

Not to make light of the spike, mind you. Inners are in high demand, and that's why we wanted to include goldfinger tokens and inners in the event. The initial spike was actually just a mistake that some players took advantage of. It's not like we intended to shower a couple dozen people with underwear and then turn off the faucet after 45 minutes. The Mongos that are still in the event will still grant these items for those lucky enough to find them. One of the problems was that people who weren't even bothering to participate were getting nice loot just because they were in a raid.

As far as adding additional loot, it's hard to really interpret feedback like that. If etchings were muffins and TERA had an egg shortage, this is like giving people eggs only to hear "but what about flour and butter and milk and chocolate! Give them all to me!"

But there are already ways to get those things without adding them to an event that will be over on Monday.
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