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Adding onto this, we are working with the developers of TERA to get information like this to the community in a more timely and accurate fashion. To discuss the talent system's arrival in the NA version at greater length, visit this thread: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/28701/talent-system-and-na.

This thread is now locked as it's veered away from the original topic of discussion.
The talent system is also coming to the North American version of TERA. Currently, we don't have all the details in place other than it will be included in an upcoming update. As it approaches we will, of course, share all that we know with you.

This information was intended to be announced on a specific date and it appears there was some misunderstanding among TERA's publishers worldwide regarding the announcement date.
Gameforge is not outperforming us - they are ignoring announcement embargo dates that BHS has placed on all publishers - basically LEAKING the info that we are working to globally announce. Undermining us does not mean they know more than us; just that we are respecting the developer's wishes.
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