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While you're here spacecats.
I can't buy emp from your site.
Choosing credit/debit card and/or xosila skip the part where you enter address(which never happened before but hey things change)
On next screen have to click submit or confirm and it normally opens a new window.
That window never opens.
Tried in chrome. Chrome zero ads-on launch. Chrome in hidden whatever mode.
Vanilla install of Firefox...i even went as far as internet explorer...

My main question is though, if I buy emp from steam or amazon do I still get the bonuses.

We're aware of and investigating the issue you described. In the meantime, I can confirm that you still get the bonuses for all tiers when purchasing from Steam. On Amazon, we don't offer the 35,000 EMP product so that one does not offer the bonus but the other EMP products do.

More info at our FAQ: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/black-friday-sale-2017
Are you using the regular EMP purchase or the Black Friday bundles? Also which payment method, if you've gotten that far.
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