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I'm guessing it's this:


Though I can't translate it to save my life.

That just says you can get dragons from loot boxes, or on the trade broker from those who got one from a loot box.
Shikine wrote: »
As of today kTera released in the patch notes that they will too add an in-game earning method in their Thursday patch.

I'm having a hard time finding anything like that. Got a link by any chance?
I've removed some posts from this thread that were spreading misinformation. As of right now, there are still no methods to earn the iron and crimson dragon mounts, and BAMs are currently not dropping any dragon tokens.

We're making some progress on the release of additional dragons (outside what's currently in the store), but there's still no news we can share. We'll make a new forum post when we know more.
Arrise wrote: »
Well, I personally really wanted a black/iron dragon. Was super excited for it too! A real, REAL shame this happened. I hope you guys can get them in soon. If not, toss em in shop so I can stop my internal PAINS on my lack of cool black dragons.

In reality, ignore my sobbing. Im just an dragon lover who needed to vent!

I feel you. I personally can't wait to see people flying around on the iron and crimson versions. I'm hoping to earn an iron one for myself.
We're waiting on a response from Bluehole on how to best implement the in-game methods for earning dragons. It's a big decision, and there are multiple parties weighing in. There was a plan leading up to last week's update that we (En Masse) were happy with. It's the plan we messaged (and described during the preview stream), but unfortunately it wasn't able to happen the way we wanted.

In lieu of that plan, we'll have to wait. It's still our intention to get more dragons in-game, and have them earnable by players through in-game means.
Mistkat wrote: »
@Spacecats Also, I am seeing ppl get Imperator boxes that automatically give them the equipment. Is that intended?

These are probably being earned from the new "Rally" guild quests. The BAMs from those can drop Imperator Boxes for armor and weapons. It isn't dragon related.
Eiiji wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Montblanck wrote: »
Montblanck wrote: »
Just dropping in and would like to know if we're getting the non-lootbox version of this (either account bound item claim or one-claim).

@Spacecats @Treeshark would you be able to confirm?

The ghost and diamond versions are going to be loot box only.

how come people getting imperator boxes Spacecats???

Where? If this doesn't have to do with dragon mounts please PM me about it.
Heads up to everyone posting in this thread - some content has been moderated or removed because it violates the Forum Rules & Guidelines. There's a lot of varying feedback in this thread and posting negative feedback is totally fine if you're unhappy with the state of the game or today's lack of dragons, but please remember to be constructive with your posts. Don't call people names or be rude just because you disagree with their comments, and don't spread rumors or try to defame anybody (En Masse and Bluehole included) based on false accusations.

Montblanck wrote: »
Montblanck wrote: »
Just dropping in and would like to know if we're getting the non-lootbox version of this (either account bound item claim or one-claim).

@Spacecats @Treeshark would you be able to confirm?

The ghost and diamond versions are going to be loot box only.
hehe xd p2w easy game

>"we want to honor that commitment"
>releases the buyable only version before the earnable version

As of right now, it was a choice between:
  • A couple dragons are available through the TERA store.
  • No dragons.

The loot box versions aren't what's causing the delay, so rather than hold all dragon mounts from being in-game, we decided to at least release what we could, given the circumstances. A lot of players were planning on getting themselves a ghost or diamond dragon in the first place, and it didn't seem fair to make them wait while the other versions are figured out.
Hi Everyone,

The Ghost and Diamond dragons are now on sale. The in-game drops for dragon mounts, however, are on hold for a short time. Historically we have always fought to maintain a proper balance between earned and paid ways to achieve power, and we want to honor that commitment. These dragons, and the fact that they have combat components, are such a unique item for TERA. They represent a special edition item that we want to make sure is implemented in a balanced way. As an extension of that, we want the introduction of dragon mounts to be a cool experience for as many players as possible. We thought we had things in a good place ready for release, but ultimately it’s been decided that we need a little more time to coordinate the moving pieces. We are actively working on refining our solution.

Some of you have pointed out our flaws and our misses, and are correct in doing so. We appreciate that passion and want to encourage continuing to fight for what’s best for our community. We also appreciate the amount of patience shown by TERA players today.

As a token of our appreciation, I’d like to offer 6 days of free Elite Status to anyone who redeems this code: enterthedragon.
This code will expire this time next week!

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