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Ketoth wrote: »
@Treeshark can you tell us the way to get hte mount in-game? At least in the patch notes? ( to avoid people stockpilling befire the patch)?

The token's arent in the game right now. They are brand new and only exclusively have dragon mounts in them. I am not sure how stockpiling before the patch would work. One token has a chance to drop when you kill a BAM, and another token is awarded upon winning a BG. Neither are in existing boxes and such.
Aulon wrote: »
OK so

-It is a passive from just owning the mount
-The buff last 5 secs
-It has a chance to proc like VM
-Has an internal cool down of 90-120 secs

This was taken from another person from the TWTERA forums on how the buff works

With it only lasting 5 secs and having to wait another 90-120 for it again at a completely random time its a small perk to me, nothing that will make or break you but yes it will help a little.

This information is correct. The tooltip for the passive skills clarifies that it's only a chance to proc but we didn't do a great job on the web page saying that. That will be fixed momentarily.

When the buff lasts 5 seconds, it doesn't mean 5 seconds of pure crit hits. It just means all crit hits within those 5 seconds will do more dmg.
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