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There are no increased entries. What I meant was I reset the entries that had already been used. That's all.
@Halrath What about our increased entries? :cry:

I reset those as well.
Just reset the dungeons and the event. Will extend it until 12pm on 7/5.

Let me know if this isn't working now.
We're going to turn the event off, reset it, and then reset the entries. Stand by.
I restarted the event on Ghillieglade. That should work from now on.

Pit of Petrax is not included because it is not a typical dungeon. I will update the news post, though. I should have thought of that when I wrote it. I'm sorry about the confusion.
It is set on every server same as the other dungeons. The event did just start a few minutes ago.
That's crazy wonky. I did add it last night. I'll check it. Stand by to stand by.
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