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@PYGN3PMNTE - If you're able to provide short video clips of each individual issue, I'll be happy to add those to the existing bug report, which could increase the rate of both issue being addressed.
SinfulSinz wrote: »
Three of the items in the fashion coupons is 1500 fashion coupons. It is in the Metal category.
That's an intentional change, as those items were types that were rewarded from previous (or current) Events.
The alternative to the raised cost in Fashion Coupons, would have been not offering them in the Fashion Coupon Shop at all, so this felt like the better option to go with.
Jackdantex wrote: »
Hello game on ps4 I have created several account and none of them give me the mount and pet , why does this happen?
PS4 NA or PS4 EU, and are you referring to the Lancer & Brawler Leveling Event, or are you referring to a promotional Mount gained from Account Linking ?
In an effort to identify new issues that have have been included in with the Deathwrack update as soon as possible, please use this Thread to discuss them.

We will continue to update this Thread with Known Issues that have been confirmed and sent on to the Developer.
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