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If it happens again, can you let us know which BAM you were hunting for the daily? Did it show the "Additional rewards" bar underneath the quest in the VG window?
I did the first 3 low tier bams i got 15 goldfinger tokens, then I went on to do the mid-tier did the 1st set out of that 3 and did not get any goldfinger tokens did 2nd set out of the 3 mid tier and on that set I got tokens. when I should have gotten 30 tokens I got 25, I hope that's clearer.

That's more clear, yes. Thank you. Did the quests show you the bonus awards in the Vanguard Requests window? They're item-level dependent. The only reason you shouldn't get them is if the bonus award quest wasn't available to you.
It's not clear what the bug actually is. Can you please give me some more details?
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