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We are still looking at the reports of disconnects and trying to run down the causes. The most likely candidate still appears to be the very general "network issues". Since we run, for the most part, physical servers in a physical location, any disruption in the route, such as a slow response from a router or corrupted data packets, between our players and our physical servers can cause disconnects.

We are also checking out other potential problems, such as scheduled tasks that may be running that do not need to run, servers that are returning corrupted data, or even game servers not being responsive. We found a couple of account servers that did not restart properly after maintenance, but those servers were repaired on May 4. So far we haven't seen anything else unusual on our systems that would explain player disconnects. Our next step is to analyse the disconnect reports to see if we can see patterns.

If you could reconnect to TERA that quickly i doubt you would see anything wrong in skype/discord. The weird thing is that if we had any outage, i doubt you would be able to reconnect that quickly either.
Are you all running any other games or apps that require a constant internet connection at the same time? Most apps don't and can handle an intermittent outage, but usually games do not.
(all times pacific in this post)

We saw a lot of disconnects yesterday between 4p and 6pm, then again at 9pm, and then again this morning at 9am. Is this along the time frame you all are experiencing it? Or more frequently than this?

And when this happens, you're able to log back into TERA immediately again?

We are still investigating but haven't come up with anything. Nothing was patched last night or this morning and our internal monitoring tools aren't showing anything wrong. If it was a patch there's no reason for it just to wait more than 24 hours to error and crash.

Tracert'ing to ZMR is pointless, they are not located at the same place physically.

We have a line of support open with our provider regardless.
Hi all,

We've looked into the issue and confirmed that TERA servers are stable. We're still investigating as to the cause of these mass disconnects, but servers haven't been interrupted. There's no clear evidence of instability on our end, which leads us to suspect the source is a larger internet connectivity problem.

If you're still experiencing issues, please give the general region you're connecting from and maybe we can narrow down what's happening here.
Are you all still experiencing client crashes?
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