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Ardire wrote: »
i... but.... were you even around for alliance? how can you answer that question if you weren't even around when the content was... or am i high and not remembering [filtered] correctly

Yeah I was here :)

I was about 5 months into the job and worked with Treeshark as he created the Last Crusade event. I didn't get to witness Alliance in its prime, but I did play it and watched a lot of players that ran it regularly before it was removed.
Yordaddy wrote: »
@Spacecats do you think CU:Velika is an upgrade or downgrade compared to Alliance?
And to be more specific, does CU:Velika offer more (pvp) gameplay time than Alliance did?
Is CU:Velika occupying more people than Alliance did?
also is there any other factor that makes CU:Velika superior to Alliance?

They're similar but different beasts. Not really an upgrade/downgrade situation (even though obviously one was removed shortly before the other was introduced.) Sorry I realize that's sort of a non-answer. If you're just asking my personal opinion, there's a world where both could exist simultaneously or in rotation.

As to the TERA dev team's long term plans (outside what we post on the Dev Roadmap), and the number of participants playing one vs. the other, I'm unable to say. Please don't let that stop good feedback, though. If you think Alliance was the best and still want to see it return, say why and I'll happily pass it on.
TheDarkWan wrote: »
This is all great but you are forgetting something BHS and EME are super cheap and will not spend a dime on Tera unless they must and as it stands they don't think they must, so all of this is usless. @Jerichow

Well this doesn't really get us anywhere. You don't have to be 100% optimistic to be constructive, but even if you believe changes are unlikely, the better approach is more like: "What would make an idea MORE likely to happen? Why is it worth applying to the game? What hasn't been thought of yet?"

TERA is a living, breathing MMO with changes always in the pipeline. Sometimes just new bosses or fun cosmetics, but if you even just look at the recent history of TERA's 5+ year lifespan, we've seen from Bluehole the new gear progression system, CU:Velika, Harrowhold, and the upcoming awakening system, showing that they ARE willing to explore new mechanics while building on existing ones. Updates like those are not easy. Following a template is easy. But updates like those are born from the drive that Bluehole developers have to try new things and keep improving. I think they're very interested in hearing well thought-out feedback like what we're seeing in this thread.

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Thanks for posting this feedback, @Jerichow. You obviously spent a lot of effort on this and I'll do my best to get it in the hands of the TERA development crew.

A lot of the updates we see for TERA outside of some class balances are really geared for high-end content, but then again a lot of the feedback we get from players is also about 65+ gameplay (which makes sense - most hardcore players spend all their time on max level characters and they're the ones most likely to give feedback). Anyway, it's nice to see suggestions focused on the journey from 1-64.
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