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A new update has been provided on the first page, for players who are unable to leave the city of Velika by Flightpath for the Story Quest.
EiEiO11490 wrote: »
So all the rewards being given out on Saturday and Sunday are only for those days and will be erased after?
These are rewards to be used within the Open Beta.

These can be used at Launch, as long as you claim within the first two weeks.
TLX wrote: »
I need to report a bug on this webpage of Tera, high elf descriptions have letters with spaces in white at back but unclassified, unordered, not like the other races.

Thanks for the heads up. We are working on a fix for that page.
More questions have just been answered in a News Post, so I've edited this Thread's Title and updated the original post with a link to the details.
TLX wrote: »
Thanks. male brawler / release date on consoles ?
Welcome. As we get closer, we'll be able to share more details to the two questions you just asked.
Cobalt, I have a few questions for you guys regarding the console beta.

You already kind of answered my question regarding a possible founders pack with a TBA, sounds like a yes but not ready to release details yet which is fine. Any date on the TBA?

This one is especially important for F2P players, will Tera require PS+ or Xbox subscriptions to play or will it be like many other F2P games on these consoles and not require said subs?

Will the Tera console port be mouse and keyboard compatable?

Of the current in store items, will any of the cosmetics be left out of the console version due to the contents timeline or can we expect to see all the same cosmetics? I can't be the only one oggling and planning which of the damn sweet mounts and weapon skins I will be getting my hands on!

Will there be a separate console development roadmap posted on the Tera official site for us to have some idea what to expect in the near future once the game goes live?

Thanks for your answers so far, you guys seem pretty active in the forums.
I've added all of these questions to my list to try and get answers for. As you can imagine, things are really busy with Open Beta being so close, and some details will have official announcements coming for them.
I'll try to see if I can get a few more of these recent questions answered today.
Oh okay, I'll see if I can look into whether more regions are included than what was available in the Technical Test.
The answer I received was Yes, this Open Beta will allow more locations to participate than what was originally offered during the Technical Test.
It is my understanding that more specifics details surrounding this will be announced a bit later.
Oh okay, I'll see if I can look into whether more regions are included than what was available in the Technical Test.
i have a important question that would be nice to be answered by one of moderators , can Brazilian PSN and from other countries play the game with its own account ? cuz at TT i had to create a NA account to play cuz my Brazilian PSN wasnt able to play . hope some adm answer me cuz alot of ppl had this issue at TT , and at open beta most of my friend are gonna play but i doubt that they will create a new account just to play tera ; tks
Ps: sorry but english as u can see isnt my main language ^^
I'm not sure I fully understand this question. Could you provide a screenshot or more detailed description of what you had to do, in order to play on the NA Servers ?

As a follow up question to #4 on your list do you know if we will just be able to keep and update the open beta client on console for the full release or will that be a aseperate DL.

Sadly, the answer is somewhat the same as above with the Technical Test update to Open Beta install, that at the time it's something we haven't tested, so it may be possible, but TBD.
Is there a need for a Code or Invite to participate in Open Beta ?
- No Code or Invite required, TERA will be available for Download in the Xbox / PS4 Stores on March 9th starting at 6am PST

Will there be a wipe following Open Beta ?
- Yes there will be a Wipe following Open Beta. One advantage to this, will be that it allows us to give out prizes during the Open Beta at different intervals, and the wipe allows us to maybe give out things we wouldn't normally provide.

Will there be a separation between Servers ?
- As far as I am aware, I think there is a separation at the moment of PS4 EU / PS4 NA / Xbox EU / and Xbox NA. Unsure if that will change in the future.

Can I keep my Technical Test install and update it when Open Beta starts ?
- I am lead to believe, that it will attempt an update of an existing install of the TERA Console Technical Test. We have not had a chance to test that update yet, so at this time, the answer is kinda more of a TBD with the possibility of yes.
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