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66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
They'll probably just reset dungeon entries for the day, lolz

We have reset instances on all servers.
Mawile wrote: »
Yea I'm usually one to white knight but these outages are becoming a lot more frequent. :o
PS. I sure would appreciate an appearance change voucher like they did in KTera for outages~! ;)
I want to point out that asking for appearance changer for today's issue is unreasonable. Don't get me wrong-- I'd like to have it as well, but I'll explain why.

I appreciate your post and I'd like to elaborate on it a bit.

Issuing an appearance change voucher as compensation in the event of server crashes isn't exactly appropriate for a few reasons:

1) An appearance change voucher as compensation isn't appropriate relative to the nature of the outage. Compensation, in general, should correspond directly with the affected system or service.
2) The level of support we provide surrounding certain account service items like race and appearance change vouchers is different from other regions. To grant a large number of these items at one time would inundate our customer support team further with what are very time-consuming requests.
3) It sets a precedent. I know server outages have been frequent as of late so the call for compensation is warranted but we also can't reinforce the expectation that downtime will result in compensation equivalent to a certain value every single time.
There is nothing that will compensate better than having any form of long-term stability.
Margarethe wrote: »
Could give a couple of days of free elite status.
After all, that's all we're losing. Aside from our time and patience.

Agreed. We are currently investigating the cause of the crashes this morning and we may consider some form of compensation once the entirety of the outage is better understood. Preparing and issuing compensation takes some time to plan and execute too.
DYLW5HFXJH wrote: »
And for reals, closing threads like this is like cutting the head off a hydra. Once you respond, you validate these players. Players should not be expected to dig through a bunch of closed threads to find one open one with maybe a response from EME. The complaint threads go away on their own once a problem is fixed. It's hard to say that this amount of moderation isn't near dictatorship. I understand you have a right and will to censor or clean your forums, it's still salt in the wound to a random player. We've had complaint thread spam before you, and if this game lasts that long, will be after you. The reason you're getting as much pushback as you are is because you're fighting us.

Please refer to stickied posts and forum announcements when it comes to official communication. There is also a comment tracker that you can find in the news & announcements section if you're specifically looking for En Masse responses.

Creating multiple threads splits up the conversation and makes responding harder. We close duplicates to keep the forums tidy and the conversation focused. Hydras aren't just deadly, they're really hard to talk to. :p
Tsunakai wrote: »
Solli95 wrote: »
as compensation id like a server that dont lg every minute for 10 mins straight.

Spacecats wrote: »
We'd like to deal with the instability before we think about any compensation. Anything we do would also risk getting interrupted by the issues that are happening. Fixing the problem is our top priority at the moment.

No need for discussion, as majority of the playerbase would like this as compensation.

A stable play environment isn't compensation. It's what we already feel we owe you guys as players. We're in an unfortunate spot right now where that needs fixing. Once things are back to normal we'll post an announcement on actual compensation that fits.
DYLW5HFXJH wrote: »
You've been saying its your top priority since before the patch hit on FIHM day. You say that it's hard for you to change servers. Yes. Running a game is hard, running any multi-national million dollar corporation is hard. If you can't do it, let someone else. The level of incompetence time and time again is just way too much to put up with anymore. It's a sad day when people have to spam the old CM to come back just for an inkling of hope. It's been YEARS. Things aren't getting better, they're getting worse, and it shows when TERA was basically the only game hosted by EME, and they've since branched out, because they know.

Server stability is a constant upkeep. We have a team at En Masse dedicated to monitoring and ensuring the health of TERA servers. Community Managers are not on that team, so even the best CM on the planet won't be able to affect server stability on any level. Please don't feel like you have to spam anyone. The people who need to know that there is lag are already working hard to fix the situation.

In a case like this, we believe there were server issues introduced with Tuesday's update. There is a hotfix planned for tomorrow (5/11) morning that may alleviate some of this, but our Operations crew will continue to monitor closely as we believe there are multiple technical culprits at work at the moment, not just a single issue.
We'd like to deal with the instability before we think about any compensation. Anything we do would also risk getting interrupted by the issues that are happening. Fixing the problem is our top priority at the moment.
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