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Code hasn't been nerfed - it gives exactly what it has since I created it yesterday.
Zoknahal wrote: »
I demand a rematch @seandynamite This time, make it even harder to find.

Oh trust me, this was just a pilot to see if anyone would even participate. Now that I know how participation is AND how good y'all are at finding it, next time will be significantly more difficult. Maybe. I can't underestimate your skills!

I just hid a Sign of Day 24-sign in game on every server in the same spot. On this sign is a group code. That group code will give you stuff. You have 24 hours to find it from right...... now.

The code on the sign will expire at 11:59 PM PDT on Sunday, April 1.

Be cool. Don't share the code. Help others with hints, but make them find it. After all, YOU went through all the work to find it! So can they.

My hints:
I can see the city of Highwatch from where I am. It sure is pretty. (Yes, that means it's in Highwatch)
While in the same location on every server, it's not necessarily in the same channel.

Good luck!

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