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Saerath wrote: »
@Treeshark sorry for the tag, but I must ask this. Since daylight saving is ending soon (in a little less than a month if I remember correctly), how will the CU:V times be affected? ^^ ~thanks

we would change it so that it's still at the same time.
Loveberri wrote: »
IMO, the Civil Unrest time was fine. Its just a lot of people outside of this version's service region complained about it being a bad time for them. While I love my international people and guildies, times shouldn't be made inconvenient to actual NA players because of them. This time isn't terribly bad but old time allowed people to actually do stuff in the day and not have to schedule playing an in-game event vs real life Saturday activities. Be wary of making it any earlier to cater any further to non-NA players.

True, I wouldn't go any earlier. We did get quite a few complaints that 7pm PT was a little late for the ET folks and inconvenient for the PT folks because they like to eat dinner at this time.
jrtseven wrote: »
What was the problem?

won't go into specifics, but we are the only region to have servers set in the UTC time zone, which caused a very unique problem for us, and made it more difficult to track down the issue because it's not a common cause of problems.
Hi Everyone,

As Spacecats previously stated, we will be cancelling this Saturday’s Civil Unrest. Instead, we will be having a double drop weekend on dungeons and power hours for battlegrounds all weekend. You already knew that. I am here to say that we did find the cause of what is going wrong with CU, and are testing a fix right now. Instead of rushing this out sometime today, we are going to spend more time testing this and push out the patch on Tuesday’s maintenance. Following that, we will hold a test Civil Unrest time on Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time for all servers. We will not be revoking the rewards from this Civil Unrest, so it will be very much real. If Wednesday is successful, and I expect it to be, we will have Civil Unrest back on Saturdays, but at a different time of 5pm Pacific Time. The pot for Civil Unrest will be replenished and doubled for that Saturday. Following that CU, the pot will go back to normal and accumulate as intended. As far as the time goes, this was changed from 7pm to 5pm based on feedback, but we will keep listening and adjust if needed. The only housekeeping point I have, is that on Tuesday there is a chance that your towers will be gone, and you will have to place them again. Thank you for your patience on this matter, and especially to the guilds on Fey Forest for cooperating during the testing times this week.

One more note: if you are in Florida or in the path of Hurricane Matthew, please heed the mandatory evacuation order and go somewhere safe. When Disney World closes, you know s#@% is real.

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