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I've removed some comments from this thread that mainly contained bickering. Please try to respect one another, even if someone has a different opinion than you.
Avignon wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Fey Forest is now back up.

Did it work? I'm curious if you guys found anything or what happened.

Civil Unrest: Velika didn't fire, but we've sent log files to Bluehole, and will be reviewing them ourselves in hopes of gleaning some information. Shoutout to everyone on Fey Forest for their patience while the server was restarted.
Fey Forest is now back up.
Zayaka wrote: »
With the approach that works on the test server and not in others, next Saturday could also only work in FF and not in the other server ( MT TR AV CH )

There will likely be more tests after this. It depends on what our production team finds in the live server logs. Even if the event fires during the test, we'll still want to know WHY it worked.
Lessiem wrote: »
lmao! this is clearly a joke. Im from FF and I think is not fair for anyone; this is just turn off a fire with gas.
Go test the great Civil Unrest, hope this time work for you. I'll pass, im not getting paid for beta tester of Enmasse

You don't have to participate in Civil Unrest today. If you aren't interested, this will only affect you for about 15 minutes when the server will require a brief restart (this is necessary to generate a log of the attempt).

The hope is that this test will result in ACTUAL Civil Unrest: Velika this weekend for all servers. Or at least get us further down the road towards that goal.
FF only? lol

Nice time slot too

I sort of get the impression you didn't read all of Treeshark's post.
Slayce wrote: »
Xcr wrote: »
tfw tera has testing servers but they dont use them it feels

According to them they tested it on their test servers and it worked...

Correct! That's the pickle. There's no apparent reason it should work in one place and not the other... but that's what happened. It doesn't make sense, but hopefully we'll learn something from Fey Forest.
Last Saturday I mentioned that we would follow through with some tests today on Tuesday. Here's what the current plan is:

First, this is purely a test. We will probably have one test time today, and I suspect more will happen throughout the week. These are NOT going to be the set "time" for Civil Unrest going forward.

That said, we will only test this on one server today, that being Fey Forest. We will plan to trigger this at 2pm Pacific Time, but my expectation is that this will not work. The purpose of this is that Bluehole needs more logs to figure out what is going on. For that, we will need to trigger a short maintenance on Fey Forest only at 4pm Pacific Time.

What happens if this does work and the tax money goes away? Well, whoever wins the test will win the gold for the tax period. However, we will be able to replenish the pot so it doesn't get reset to 0.
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