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Vesporax wrote: »
The only test they probably did was use gm powers to force the event on. The event itself works, but they never really tested the timer.

I know it's tempting to speculate on how QA probably or maybe did something, why the event worked in test but didn't on live, what could have been done differently, etc... but there's a bit more to the testing process than that. Singlebear would be freaking thrilled if all it took was testing whether some timer worked or not. ;D
We use multiple internal and live test servers. Civil Unrest: Velika was tested on multiple test environments and fired normally on all of them.
Kinohki wrote: »
I guess my only question is this:

After last week's failure of the event launching, why did you not have someone there capable of manually launching the event?

There is no "manual override" or anything like that. There's just one way to launch the event so far as we know. Hopefully Bluehole will be able to help us uncover more information so it starts working properly.
ratedX wrote: »
So much for a "Hot fix" huh? Did they even test it to see if it worked?

The Thursday hotfix was to prevent another Saturday night server crash. It wasn't related to Civil Unrest: Velika (though at first we suspected CU:V didn't launch because of the crash). As Treeshark said in the OP, we did re-QA the whole event over the course of the week in anticipation for tonight. Civil Unrest: Velika worked fine on test servers, all signs pointed to "yes."

Once our QA and Production team figures out what's going on, we'll likely switch back to Saturday night like it was supposed to be. That might mean running it at an odd time when everybody is in the office at EME (like for instance, a Tuesday at 5). For now, it looks like there's more work ahead to narrow down the issue.
points taken on the time. It's not set in stone, but the top priority is making sure it runs at all
After last week's event not working, we re-QA'd the entire event using the same parameters and asked Bluehole to help us figure out what might have gone wrong. We had it working but obviously, as of a few hours ago, it did not.

I had concerns about running something mid-week, and again on Saturday, as it would lessen the rewards of such an event. Right now, theres' no other choice than to run this during the week at an hour when we're all in the office to troubleshoot. RIght now, this Tuesday at 5pm seems like a better time, but I'll come back after running this by the team at EME and BHS on this.

I know you all are angry, but please remain civil on this. Vysse's post has been helpful, and I'lll be keeping my eye on that one.
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