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Tenshi1 wrote: »
Well, with their past, and so many people have tried to tell what they want, and BHS has mainly done what THEY want, it doesn't give people an incentive to do it anymore.

I personally have got shot down by some of this toxic community for expressing my ideas.

But in any case, I will put this. @Halrath would you at least talk with BHS about putting the system back to when we had the "camera direction" and "Character direction" options in the controller options?

I doubt BHS would do anything though, and EME's already talked with them once or twice and they agreed to do at least this, I'm afraid of pushing my luck. As I said, I do NOT want to go back to everything be camera faced.

I can request it again, of course. We pushed back pretty hard on this, but met with...resistance. Do not hold out much hope that this will change anytime soon. I'm just trying to set your expectations, not shoot you down.
I’m sorry it took so long to research this issue. Here’s what we found.

Removing the ability to set skills to camera-facing or character-facing is not a bug. BHS intentionally made the change in v54, but didn’t communicate that with us. They also removed the UI elements in v55, also by design. We have expressed your concerns about this matter and emphasized that loss of functionality was a real problem for our controller-using playerbase.

BHS explained that starting in the next build version (v56), some skills will be camera-facing and others character-facing, but we will not be able to configure them. We will publish a list of these skills when we launch v56.
This is very likely a bug and not an intended change, so I'm going to move forward as if that is the case. Moving this to bug forums.
Tenshi1 wrote: »
I'm honestly never noticed this and I have every class. Then again I don't play priest/archer/warrior a lot

But why is this happening in Kumas now? It didn't before...

@Spacecats could you bring this up to someone?

Yes I will. It's odd that this change would happen with a new class release. I'll try to get the bottom of it.
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