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Also, if you notice any other Loot Boxes or Smart Boxes that have become untradeable this patch that were previously tradeable, let us know.

I'll compile a list and send that information forward.
That has to be unintended correct?

So far on TR we have heard Starglow Weapon loot box and Arctic Weapon loot box.

I can't see how you would purposely want to lose money from less EMP purchases.
@spacecats @Halrath

Another problem, it seems the elin gunner box is account based. That means if you created your elin gunner, then claimed the item from item claim, didn't like how your elin looked, and remade it you will not get another box upon recreation.

Is this intended? Halrath's previous leveling event involving catalysts did not do that. The boxes are not bankable so they should not be account based.

Thank you for reporting these two issues. I've brought it to the attention of the appropriate departments, and we'll figure out what is going on, and the best way to resolve each of them.
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