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@DocWinter Issues at our data center from my understanding.
Login issues appear to have been resolved. Thank you for your patience, everyone!
We've identified the source of the issue and expect things to be resolved shortly (15 to 30 minutes by our estimation).
I believe our Operations Team has made some headway while looking into the issue, and we are about to restart our Live Services.
S1eep wrote: »
Meningitis wrote: »
I like how the forum banner about the issue went from blue to red. Servers are down sound the alarmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

and now its yellow

They should turn it back to red. White text on yellow is terrible.

Color was changed simply so it would stand out more. I agree the color combo is not the best.
There appears to be a DNS issue impacting our data center. Our Operations team is working with our service provider on the issue.

The servers are currently live, but connections may be unstable. Log in to the game via the launcher is extremely spotty as you're well aware.
We're looking into this now.
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