I am really trying not to be rude but BHS too dam stupid, this system is the worst thing I have seen in any games. Absolutely wastes your time, you won you get a jackpot, so what? what about when I lose the game I get absolutely nothing, then what is the point of this crap and when I win I get nothing then what is the point here again?

I mean for how long our feedback gonna be ignored? PVP is dead and now killing BGs for this God awful system, Keep the jackpots, I won't waste my dam time with this crap.

That is what I got after 140 mins of playing Kumas and two Bonanza Box added to that, and now tell me if this is OK in your book and wasting your players time and slap them in the face is OK by BHS, then I think all players that are interested in PVP even a bit needs to reconsider playing Tera. I am seriously pissed at how unappreciated we are to BHS and EME, I mean all games making playing the game worth the players time, BHS just wastes your time and we have to go with it because they are so stupid at running their game? and in the end gotta get some overpriced cosmetic item as the reward for playing Tera.

I am done with BGs, and no I don't think I am the only one, look at your game it's a ghost town, everyone has a limit, NA community's limit is just coming and still we are being ignored and our feedback is nothing.

I can't go into too much detail here, but let me try to address a couple of things.

1. We understand that PvP is being harmed and that frustrates players. It isn't what we want either and we have tried to push back with Bluehole and get more positive development for PvP content. We have been arguing and advocating for improved BGs, leaderboards, and better rewards.
2. With the Arsenal update, all of the battleground rewards will get new components, items that will be useful to you no matter your gear or enchantment level.
3. There are more changes coming to PvP and battlegrounds. We can't put them on the roadmap yet, but they are coming.

Next week, we'll be releasing more information about the new gear progression system. I believe Spacecats is also doing a Q&A during his Twitch stream next Friday. No one wants players to have a frustrating experience and we are making changes. I hope you'll find v61 an improved experience.