In this situation, I would recommend that she choose to go the route of making a Support Ticket, without logging in.


2.) Click on "I can't login"

3.) At the bottom of that page, click the " contact support for assistance." link.

4.) Go the route of choosing the drop down options like you just forgot your password
( TERA - Account Support - I can't log into my account - I forgot my password )

5.) Then click the "Submit a Ticket" button after it turns blue ( sometimes takes a few seconds )

She can then input any Message you want, and also provide both the Account's current Email, as well as the new Email that she'd want to receive a reply back to.

Also, she may want to proactively answer these specific questions within the message she sends :

1.) Public Nickname ? ( the Forum Identity on her Account, if she had set one ).
2.) Date of Birth ?
3.) Account Creation Date (or approximate guess) ?
4.) What was her Game Account Edition Type, or can she provide a physical Retail Activation Code # ?
(The types of Game Accounts are as follows : Free Standard version / Paid Retail Standard version with Founders Status / Paid Retail Collector's Edition version with Founders Status)
5.) Can she provide a list of her Character Names and the Servers she had created them on ?
6.) Physical geographical location the Account was created in ( City, State/Province, Country ) ?