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HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
WHEN will strong bravery potions be added to elite bar and goldboost removed?
im pretty sure spacecats promised this or another eme staff did like a year ago.

That wasn't promised, but what we did say at the time was that Strong potions were intended to be earned in some of the ways the normal potions were being earned. That included mention of daily Elite boxes so I can see where you might get the idea of a perm Elite version. Elite Consumable Boxes currently contain one of each potion.
The strong potions were the answer provided for this problem, so I think it's pretty doubtful they'll adjust the old ones.

Which is also the reason why "Replace all the sources of old Bravery Potions with Strong Bravery Potions." has been suggested innumerable times, but apparently it's too much work and such a low priority that it's taken months, and may still take many more months/years before it gets implemented, if it ever does.

This was never an intention. Strong Bravery/Canephora potions are an upgrade to regular ones, but that doesn't make regular potions useless by any means. Changing the cooldown of the originals was something the TERA team investigated a while back before the Strong versions were implemented, but is unfortunately not something that can happen in the foreseeable future.
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