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Hey folks, sorry for the miscommunication - I had to change the release date on these items to next Tuesday, August 21. They're on the way!
With more new dungeons releasing requiring more extravagant gear just to be even considered for entry, specific chase items like crit mounts and, to a lesser extent, BiS undies are becoming more and more of a requirement these days.

At this point, BHS/EME might as well add various boosters that can be obtained with EMP into the store. One that increases item XP, another that increases gold rewards from Vanguard requests, maybe make Master Additives direct-buy, and so on. Might as well go b*lls deep and save everyone's time, I say.

What about you guys?

Item XP boosts coming to the TERA PC store and to elite players next Thursday, August 16 - details next week after Guardians of the Sky goes live.
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