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I guess only EME staff can answer this but:

Will every costume be on sale?
-in previous years only the older costumes were on sale and only the really old ones had any sizable discounts

It won't be every costume, no.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
I feel like these are the things EME should be doing. Like I appreciate that you did it, but why aren't they covering it.

Threads like this is one of the many reasons Counterpoint is on the Player Council. He's always been awesome when it comes to answering questions from other players.

As far as En Masse's side of things while there wasn't a forum thread about the sales, there is an official FAQ. If you have a question and it's not covered there, we'll try to answer it here.
Thanks very much for posting this, Counterpoint!

FYI there is an official FAQ that was created for these sales. You can read it here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/black-friday-sale-2017
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