PLEEASE make priest skills some of the ones that you revers to character direction (For gamepad users) again. I won't even touch my priest(s) since I don't feel confident I can heal properly like this (Would be nice if you reversed this whole thing, I can dream)

(Please, no "Time to use a keyboard/mouse" crap people, or talking about how the mouse is superior, this isn't a thread for that)

I know some pad users would agree with me that the priest at least needs to go back to character direction.

I know you guys don't have a list now, but I wanna at least try to say something before BHS gets the version build out.

@Halrath @Denommenator @Spacecats Anyway you or the others could talk to them again, pleading them about this if they haven;t thought about the priest already?

As I mentioned here, skills will be changing in the next build. Some skills will be camera-facing, others character-facing. We won't be able to configure them, by BHS design. We have asked for reversion, but that's not going to happen. Sorry.