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The talismans have been removed from July's BG jackpots to allow us to use a new event as a means of distributing them. This change is by no means permanent, but it is is a part of our plan for this month. We will evaluate things at the end of July and that will inform our plans for August.

So you say here that there is supposed to be a new event by means of having Talisman as a reward. This post was almost a month ago and no word on said event, which means you lied to our faces.

Where is this so called event that you guys had planned for the Talisman as a possible reward? Sounds like a crock of bs to me. Battlegrounds don't even pop now. Great job! -slow clap-

We will see if Talisman are back in the reward pool for August.

There were two events in July that awarded extra talismans, the double drop event and the dungeon mentoring event.

Halrath said the product team would evaluate at the end of July, and now it's the end of July and they will evaluate ways to get more talismans out there. I get that you want talismans... badly. And that you want them from PvP and not dungeons. But calling Halrath and liar and his statement "a crock of bs" is, let's just say, not very constructive and quite rude.

Expect Halrath to follow up with the TERA team's August plans soon, just like he originally said. He'll do that in a different thread because I'm closing this one. For those of you who left constructive feedback, we appreciate it and know that the TERA crew has read what you posted. But leaving a salt mine open will only encourage more rude posts, and it's not the kind of environment we're aiming for on these forums. Please remember to be more constructive when creating future discussions.